About Rupashree Mohapatra

Born and brought up in a cultural Brahmin family, Rupashree was initiated into the training of Odissi maharirupashree_aboutmedance under the Late guru Pankaj Charana Das.Mrs.Rupashree is a well known name in the world of Indian classical dance especially in the world of Odissi dance. Rupashree has not only been able to perfect and done her skill in Odissi but also establish her distinctive style & signature. Her commitment to Odissi is a deep devotion & lies heavily on the dances sensitively. The sharpened her sensitivity by taking Sanskrit for her graduation & following it up with literature at the master's level.

Considerably talented Rupashree during the last 20 years has known grown up as a professional dancer in the field of Odissi & as well as Mahari. With her amaging stage presence and expressive abhimanyu she has already bagged many awards including the mahari award by Adya Guru Pankaj Charan Das. With performing career of more than a decade she has a made a dinstinct pace for her an outstanding representative of "Mahari Style".

The Name Pankaj Charan Das is synonymous with the miraculous reveil of Odissi. Most of the present day Gurus and dancers have some under his tutekge at sometimes or the other. That by itself is a singular achievement. In terms of pure dedication to his art, in terms to his devotion to the creative environment of Puri, in terms of his exemplary courage to rise above povery and familiar distree, the passage of his life and work is unparallel in the annals of Odissi Dance.